About Us

Educate24 is about you and your next step. Every goal and aspiration needs a next step, yet far too often those next steps are complicated and time consuming. Educate24 is designed to provide you with a simple step forward as you shape the person that you want to become. We offer a fully integrated career service, which includes affordable, 6-week learning programmes, across numerous career sectors, delivered to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We do it in 6 simple ways:

1 Granular Content

By providing short courses in small manageable sizes, we ease the potential burden of fixed class settings and unpredictable schedules. Each daily reading is no more than 500 words long, and can be consumed at your convenience. That means that you can choose when best to learn be that in the morning, during your lunch break or at night before bed.

2 Top Developers

Some of the country’s esteemed academics, learning institutions and industry experts, have applied themselves to develop and endorse courses that not only provide the latest content, but is communicated in a way that is well structured and easy to understand.

3 Affordable price

One of South Africa’s greatest needs is education. Many short-courses can run into thousands of rands and have very complex registration procedures as well as entry requirements. These are potential barriers for those who cannot afford the fees, do not have the necessary qualifications, or are unsure if they are ready for such a commitment. Educate24 is an opportunity to learn a skill without the burden of paying steep prices for a course. Once you have completed a short-course with us, we hope that you will feel inspired to go on to study further in your chosen field, having gleaned a better understanding of where you want to end up. Our courses start from R99, and go up to R1299 for higher-level courses.

4 Multiple subjects

Our offering of subjects is truly South African. We offer courses across a range of topics from Project Management to Laundry and Domestic care. The portfolio of courses is growing daily and we will soon have over 90 courses, so that every South African has the opportunity to take the next step.

5 Mobile

Educate24 comes at just the right time as both broadband and smartphone access are reaching a growth tipping point. No more is the means to quality mobile education something reserved for the wealthy only. Our courses are data light and require approximately R20 data bundle to complete. All South Africans have access to Educate24 whether they live in the suburbs or rural areas. All our services are accessible on Smartphone, with limited range of services available on feature phone. Courses can also be done on a desktop, laptop or tablet. As long as you have internet access, you’re good to GO!

6 Added services at no cost

At Educate24, not only will you have access to world class learning programmes, but you also have access to free services, that will enhance your learning experience and propel your career forward. We offer an online CV tool, known as a  Smart CV.  Through our partnership with Careers24, we also offer a free Job Search platform, as well as a profile interest test which you can take to assist you in deciding on a career path that is best for you. We are here to discuss any of your needs or concerns, and to give you advice if needed, as you take this next step in your life.

Educate24 is for you if you are:

  1. Looking for a step forward in your career
  2. You want to learn a new skill
  3. An entrepreneur, and would like solid guidance on how to run your business, or how to move it forward.
  4. You are thinking of studying further, but want to try a short-course first before investing
  5. Interested in a subject
  6. Want to provide training for your employees
  7. Want to give a lasting gift to someone important in your life