The Complete Life Orientation Guide for Entrepreneurs (Business Practice 5)


Assessment Online assessments
NQF Level Extracted from NQF 2
Credits Non-credit bearing
Course duration 4 Weeks
Certification Certificate upon completion

Welcome to the complete Life Orientation guide for new business entrepreneurs.

In this course you will learn to identify, discuss types of business, procedures to start a business and their legal implications. This course will also help you to manage your time and finances in a responsible and effective way in every day life situations.  Furthermore, I will teach you to understand the need for a personal value system and identify ethical and unethical practices in the workplace.

In this course you will learn about: ·       Identify, discuss and compare types of business.

·       Set realistic goals for tasks and activities.

·       Prioritise tasks and activities in order to plan time.

·       Draw up a plan/schedule to organise tasks and activities.

·       Carry out tasks and activities as planned.

·       Understand personal finance.

·       Plan and prepare a personal budget.

·       Operate a personal bank account.


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